It’s a new year, as you may have noticed. I have plans. Goals. As one does.

So, in 2020 I will:

  • finish and publish volume 3 of The Voidstrider Saga;
  • begin work on my next Johnson Underwood project, working title Florida Man versus the Elder Gods;
  • write more in this blog;
  • write and send actual letters to old friends in far-off places;
  • reconnect in person with old friends in more nearby locales;
  • make efforts to be less cynical and angry, focus on positive things.

That last one … eh, we’ll see.

I’m very excited for the Florida Man project. It’s something that’s been percolating for the last three years. It will be, like the previous Johnson book, sarcastic and satirical. It will be my first real foray into cosmic horror, also. (I’ve dabbled a bit in short form once or twice over the years, but this is my first real effort.)

Ideas are still coming together, but some themes I intend to tackle are the meaninglessness of existence (a proper theme for eldritch cosmic horror, no?) and the What Now? of early middle age. Also, again much like Jimmy Stick, the book will have a whole lot of what the fuck is wrong with these humans anyway? Plus, a lot of humor.

So those are my plans for the New Year. Wish me luck, and in turn may all your own endeavors bear delicious fruit.

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