Getting Into an Expensive New Hobby

There’s the joke about men turning 35 and having to pick between becoming obsessed with Civil War history or smoking meats. Growing up in the American South afforded sufficient opportunity to visit Civil War museums and battlefields ad nauseum, and I work in the food service industry. So those are out. But, as I willContinue reading “Getting Into an Expensive New Hobby”

Sudden Inspirations

I posted recently about some writer’s block adjacent concerns, wherein I have a chapter that I’m unsatisfied with and consider unfinished but have decided to attempt moving on with the next chapter anyway. It’s difficult for me to do. What happens is what happens, but only after it happens. Until it happens, it hasn’t happenedContinue reading “Sudden Inspirations”

Dreambuilding: Unicycle

I’ve been dreaming about unicycles lately. But, like, electric motorized ones. People riding them pass by me as I meander city sidewalks in my slumber. The wheels are big, three and a half to four feet in diameter, wide enough for some real stability. The saddle rises up over the middle, with struts attaching itContinue reading “Dreambuilding: Unicycle”