Serotonin Overload

I haven’t quite nailed down a title for my cyberpunk novel, but the protagonist’s name is Serotonin Overload. (It’s not her real name, obviously. It’s a handle. A self-chosen sobriquet. A suggestive, not-quite description.) My original choice was Xanax Shortage, but I feel like maybe I shouldn’t going messing with corporate trademarks in a novelContinue reading “Serotonin Overload”

Rereading Vorkosigan

I’ve been re-reading the Vorkosigan Saga lately. That’s not wholly accurate. I’d read most of the books before, in ones and twos, all out of order. There are several I’d never gotten to. I happened to find one such in my possession about a month ago and figured I’d go ahead and read it —Continue reading “Rereading Vorkosigan”

Cyberpunk Progress

I’m about halfway through my “standalone” cyberpunk novel, and I think I’m at the most difficult part. So, of course, I’m skipping over it and forging ahead with the plan to come back later. This is super difficult for me. The way the story unfolds in my head, it’s nigh impossible for me to knowContinue reading “Cyberpunk Progress”

Updating Where to Find Me

Now that Zorg owns what he thinks is the enduring public forum of the future, it once again becomes clear that nothing — popular social media platforms in particular — is forever. Increasingly, I imagine, he will find that particular box is empty. So, with various migrations and whatnot, it seems prudent to adjust one’sContinue reading “Updating Where to Find Me”

New Standalone WIP

I’m taking a bit of a break from writing Voidstrider volume four to let some of the difficult plot elements rearrange themselves in my subconscious, and using the time to bang out a standalone side project. I posted last year about running a DnD campaign online for a single player on the other side ofContinue reading “New Standalone WIP”