Johnson Underwood

Writing under the name Johnson Underwood, John writes absurd science-fiction and fantasy with a caustic and satirical tone. His work has been called “comic relief for the anxieties of the modern day.”

works by Johnson Underwood

The Adventures of Jimmy Stick: a saga of romance and adventure 

Condemned to death by a corrupt theocracy, young Jimmy Stick had no idea his troubles were only just beginning. Sent to hell for his sins, Jimmy despairs of ever again seeing his true love, Claire.

But Claire has problems of her own. There’s a new Jimmy Stick in town, and he’s got a shiny metal chest and glowing red eyes. He’s a God-fearing robot built by the government, and he says that he loves her. But does he mean those tender words?

Cheer as Jimmy Stick fights his way out of Hell! Gasp as the Robot pursues its logical seduction of Claire! Thrill to Jimmy’s battle with the zombie mummies of Egypt! Choose your side as the original Jimmy returns from the dead to challenge his cold steel counterpart for Claire’s hand!


Untitled Forthcoming Novel 

John is currently working on Johnson Underwood‘s next novel, a weird tale of jilted lovers, strange drugs, and Lovecraftian terrors from beyond the bounds of reality set on Florida’s Gulf Coast. It promises to be ridiculous.

For more on the as-yet-untitled novel, click here.