The Voidstrider Saga

Vol 1: Revolt on Vesta

The Voidstrider Saga is a fast-paced space opera adventure in the old rockets-and-ray-guns spirit. It features larger-than-life heroes and villains, far-reaching conspiracies, and mysterious alien influences.

Humanity has spread out through the Solar System. Mars is an independent nation-state, striving toward the goal of a terraformed homeworld. Two hundred million humans live in asteroid colonies throughout the Belt. Research stations have been established in the moons of Jupiter and Saturn. Outlaws and pirates lurk in the dark spaces between the worlds.

A mysterious entity calling itself the Angel influences events. Earth and Mars jockey for control of the asteroids, and the people of the Belt rebel. But one disparate group of heroes must look past the surface and discover what’s really going on, before it’s too late. At stake: the future of humanity itself!

Vol 2: An Officer of the Fleet

The Voidstrider Saga was inspired by classic, pulpy sci-fi like the Lensman series and Flash Gordon, as well as comics like Green Lantern, anime, and modern space opera from the likes of Iain M. Banks and Alastair Reynolds. It’s rockets-and-rayguns, fast-paced action adventure with a bit more character development than the oldies but still focused on a tightly told story.

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Languages Spoken in VOIDSTRIDER – A brief description of the common languages spoken by characters in the story, as well as a short lexicon of Martian profanity.

VOIDSTRIDER: The Story So Far  – Summarizing the story so far. Includes major spoilers for Revolt on Vesta.