Nothing in Particular

Voidstrider volume three is finished, essentially. I still have to do a final proof and edit run through, which I’ll get to in a week or two. In the meantime, I’ve been fleshing out the plot for Florida Man vs. the Elder Gods and hope to bang out a first draft over the next twoContinue reading “Nothing in Particular”

Discarded Scenes: Millennials Ruin the Future

In a hundred cities around the globe, the holographic ghost of the Last President stands over the abandoned capitals of fallen nations. The people of those nations did not Support the Troops, but they do now. The holograms are huge. They are the best holograms.

E-Book Countdown Sale – Jimmy Stick

E-BOOK COUNTDOWN SALE! The Adventures of Jimmy Stick Normal Price $4.99 8am March 17 – Midnight March 18 : $0.99  (81% OFF) 12:01am March 19 – 4pm March 20 : $1.99 4:01pm March 20 – 8am March 22 : $2.99 8:01am March 22 – Midnight March 24 : $3.99 CLICK HERE TO BUY Cheer asContinue reading “E-Book Countdown Sale – Jimmy Stick”