Finishing Vorkosigan

I recently finished my re-read of Lois McMaster Bujold’s Vorkosigan Saga (which in some cases was a first read). The series is an incredible achievement – sweeping space opera, generational family saga, the occasional comedy of manners … it’s a remarkable sequence of tales. When Gentleman Jole and the Red Queen, the chronological final volumeContinue reading “Finishing Vorkosigan”

Rereading Vorkosigan

I’ve been re-reading the Vorkosigan Saga lately. That’s not wholly accurate. I’d read most of the books before, in ones and twos, all out of order. There are several I’d never gotten to. I happened to find one such in my possession about a month ago and figured I’d go ahead and read it —Continue reading “Rereading Vorkosigan”

Harry Potter and the Wizarding World of Systemic Racism

Pride Month is here, which means J.K. Rowling is on the internet being a bigot. I’m only kidding. She does it year round, it’s just that more people take note during June. Once more, I see friends and acquaintances on social media debating whether or not she is, in fact, a bigoted TERF piece ofContinue reading “Harry Potter and the Wizarding World of Systemic Racism”