Long Live the (Well Executed) Trope

Sometimes I get to write a sentence – one sentence – that is straight pulp, like Saturday morning cartoons or bubble helmeted heroes fighting green monsters on an alien world.

Tabletop Gaming and Fantasy

The last few weeks, I’ve been running a Dungeons and Dragons campaign. It’s my first time as a DM. None of the players had played before. They’ve played console RPGs before, like Skyrim and Fable, and they’ve recently had an absolutely unhealthy obsession with Catan, but this is their first foray into old-school pen andContinue reading “Tabletop Gaming and Fantasy”

The Naked Facebook

This post first appeared in 2012, before our opinion of Facebook got even worse. It therefore is somewhat dated. -JU In 1956, Isaac Asimov wrote¬†The Naked Sun, second in a series of science fiction murder mysteries starring Earth detective Elijah Baley and his human-appearing robot partner, R. Daneel Olivaw. I highly recommend¬†The Naked Sun, asContinue reading “The Naked Facebook”