Came in the Mail Today

The inaugural issue of Spectacle … a bit steep at $20, but it’s gorgeous. The cover is lovely and printed on quality stock, unlike some genre mags… ahem, Analog, looking at you. I have to admit, I bought the thing almost solely to find out what exactly they mean by “Classic Sci-Fi Remastered.” Turns out, it’s an excerptContinue reading “Came in the Mail Today”

Some Things I’m Reading Lately – 2-5-18

Why the Culture Wins is an intriguing examination of one of my all time favorite series. I’ve always appreciated Iain M. Banks’ writing in the Culture novels. His lengthy expository asides peppered with caustic observations often make me laugh aloud. This article looks deep into the implications of the Culture and, for the first time,Continue reading “Some Things I’m Reading Lately – 2-5-18”

Some Things I’m Reading Lately – 8-5-2017

Men Will Lose the Most Jobs to Robots, and That’s OK by Laurie Penny, writing for WIRED. I’ve been a fan of Laurie Penny’s writing for a number of years, having first discovered her through a link on I opened up this month’s issue of Wired and found a short opinion piece about the looming threatContinue reading “Some Things I’m Reading Lately – 8-5-2017”

Some Things I’m Reading Lately – 4-19-17

I read constantly. If I go 24 hours without sitting in my recliner with a paperback, my Kindle, or at least a magazine – real or tablet edition – I become cranky. It’s better to just leave me be and let me read, honestly. From time to time, I like to share some of theContinue reading “Some Things I’m Reading Lately – 4-19-17”