Lost: 15K Words, Reward Offered

Last month, my five year old laptop bit the dust and I lost 15,000 words. The laptop had been acting funky for a minute. Finally, without me actually telling it to, the laptop reformatted itself. I’ve used Dropbox for over a decade, and since I bought that laptop in December of 2013 I’ve also madeContinue reading “Lost: 15K Words, Reward Offered”

Tabletop Gaming and Fantasy

The last few weeks, I’ve been running a Dungeons and Dragons campaign. It’s my first time as a DM. None of the players had played before. They’ve played console RPGs before, like Skyrim and Fable, and they’ve recently had an absolutely unhealthy obsession with Catan, but this is their first foray into old-school pen andContinue reading “Tabletop Gaming and Fantasy”