An Open Letter to SyFy

I was nine years old when you first appeared. I was on a family vacation when I learned of your existence. I demanded my parents call our cable company the instant we got back home. I loved you. You gave me Twilight Zone marathons and two hours of Dark Shadows every day. You introduced me to Night StalkerContinue reading “An Open Letter to SyFy”

Lucid Dreaming with Awful Beer

A few nights ago I had a dream. It unfolded in the typical way of dreams, disjointed events unfolding without conscious direction. At one point I was given a beer. I looked down at the bottle and saw it was a Miller Lite, at which point I rejected the narrative of the dream and went hunting forContinue reading “Lucid Dreaming with Awful Beer”

New Phone and an Old Anecdote

Got a new phone this week, the Moto G4 from Motorola. Let me provide some context here. I was an Android early adopter. I couldn’t wait for the Future – as long as the Future wasn’t built by Apple, mind you. But the first five or six years of smartphones were a consistent disappointment to me.Continue reading “New Phone and an Old Anecdote”