Musing on Worldbuilding

One goal of the Voidstrider books is creating a universe I can play in for decades to come. The central story of the Saga, as it currently stands and as it is planned out, chronicles humanity’s turbulent expansion into that larger stage. It’s an origin story, I guess. When I first started, the idea wasContinue reading “Musing on Worldbuilding”

New Standalone WIP

I’m taking a bit of a break from writing Voidstrider volume four to let some of the difficult plot elements rearrange themselves in my subconscious, and using the time to bang out a standalone side project. I posted last year about running a DnD campaign online for a single player on the other side ofContinue reading “New Standalone WIP”

Some Writing Rambles

The Voidstrider books seem like they’re taking me longer to write with each installment. Partly that’s down to my employment status. I was self-employed and worked from my home office when I wrote the first one. I have a “day job” (that mostly takes place at night) these days. A less boring reason is thatContinue reading “Some Writing Rambles”