The Voidstrider Saga

Revolt on Vesta
volume 1

When a Martian politician is kidnapped en route to a summit of leaders from the Asteroid Belt, events are set in motion which will change the face of the Solar System…

Kicking off a thrilling new space-opera adventure in the vein of classic pulp rockets-and-ray-guns SF!

An Officer of the Fleet
volume 2

Shan Taishan dedicated his life to protecting Mars. But now an unseen enemy has come to the Red Planet.

With his friends gone off to Eros – glittering asteroid city of sin – in search of the enigmatic Djinn, it’s up to Shan alone to confront the alien, save his sister and his homeworld – or see Mars fall forever!

The Angel and the Djinn
volume 3

Concealed in its lair, aided by corporate heiress Mick Cross, the Angel readies for ultimate victory. But the mysterious Djinn has prepared a final, desperate stand against the alien invader! Drake knows he’s the key to the Djinn’s plans. He just doesn’t know how. Now, he must return to Earth to save the woman he once loved … and Humanity itself!

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