Musing on Worldbuilding

One goal of the Voidstrider books is creating a universe I can play in for decades to come. The central story of the Saga, as it currently stands and as it is planned out, chronicles humanity’s turbulent expansion into that larger stage. It’s an origin story, I guess. When I first started, the idea wasContinue reading “Musing on Worldbuilding”

50k on the WIP

Yesterday, I passed the 50,000 word mark in my standalone cyberpunk novel work-in-progress. 50k always feels like the most significant milestone in the drafting process, for some reason. I’m not sure why. In my head, if not necessarily in physical reality, 30k is 100 pages; 60k is a novel, although not a particularly robust one.Continue reading “50k on the WIP”

Sudden Inspirations

I posted recently about some writer’s block adjacent concerns, wherein I have a chapter that I’m unsatisfied with and consider unfinished but have decided to attempt moving on with the next chapter anyway. It’s difficult for me to do. What happens is what happens, but only after it happens. Until it happens, it hasn’t happenedContinue reading “Sudden Inspirations”