New Novel

So, Johnson is working on his next project. It is currently in the planning and pre-writing stage, but I have a pretty solid idea of where it’s going.

First of all, I wanted to write something set in Florida. After living there for 3 years, I felt I had some things to say. You may know of Florida Man, the world’s crappiest super hero (villain?). Well, I can tell you, Florida is full of these drug and booze addled maniacs. Full. And they will feature heavily in the next novel.

I also wanted to dust off an older idea I had, something I called Insignificant Others. A sort of riff on, well, crappy love affairs. Cheating and falling out of love and all that fun misery. It wasn’t much of a story on its on, more just a bunch of character development and sadness. So I’m going to take some of the better parts of that and work it into the new novel.

Finally – I’ve done Hell and demons, zombies and mummies, and robots. I wanted to write an alien invasion story. You know, a classic one that starts out with necking teenagers who get startled by a meteorite and foolishly take it into town in the bed of the old beat up Ford pick-up, only to unleash some hellish alien nightmare on the peaceful townfolk. You know the one.

Giving it some thought, though, I decided to tweak that a little. Screw aliens from another world. I decided to re-read my Lovecraft. So you can expect some weird, eldritch gods to show up in this one.

It should be fun.

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