Update 1-28-17

54So it’s been a pretty chaotic and busy seven months for yours truly. And I haven’t had much time for updating this site and blog.

I’ve moved back to east Tennessee, away from the salt and eternal summer and soothing sounds of the Gulf.

I have been working, never fear. The process necessarily slowed down quite a bit this past fall, however, and I am not nearly as far along as I’d hoped with An Officer of the Fleet, the second volume of the Voidstrider Saga.

I am, however, about two-thirds of the way through and I anticipate picking up speed now that things are more settled. I’ve got about 140 pages finished, and I’m pretty happy with most of them.

The story picks up right where Revolt on Vesta left off, and – as with that first volume – events move quickly from there. This second installment delves a little deeper into the politics and history of colonial Mars, as well as exploring some more of the Belt. Plus, plenty of action. I think anybody who enjoyed Revolt on Vesta is going to love An Officer of the Fleet.

So … I hope to have the writing finished up in a few more weeks. From there, I’ll need to run the manuscript past a couple beta readers, give it a few run-throughs myself, and do some polishing. I hope to have the finished product ready by late spring/early summer.

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