Dreaming the Life 2nd Edition

51qap2znvvlThe 2nd edition of Dreaming the Life and other stories is available now. Expanded to include five brand new stories, the collection is priced at $1.99 (ebook) and $4.99 (paperback).

The following stories are included in this collection:

Dreaming the Life – a man comes to believe his memories of an extra-marital affair have been stolen, and decides to get them back.

Reload – a celebrity couple discover the dangers of a device which allows them to reset their mistakes and try again.

One Thousand Words – two friends hash out the old debate of whether life influences art or vice versa, with murderous results.

Umodarok – an immigrant from another world contemplates marriage to secure Earth citizenship.

Killjack  – a social media magnate is framed for an impossible murder which took place in virtual reality.

TruFlesh – a man discovers his new sex doll may be much more than advertised.

Wishes – a young boy meets a genie.

Three Dreams  – a man recalls his dead wife through dreams.

Anyone who purchased the first Kindle edition should be able to download the updated version at no additional charge.

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