Came in the Mail Today

The inaugural issue of Spectacle … a bit steep at $20, but it’s gorgeous. The cover is lovely and printed on quality stock, unlike some genre mags… ahem, Analog, looking at you.

I have to admit, I bought the thing almost solely to find out what exactly they mean by “Classic Sci-Fi Remastered.” Turns out, it’s an excerpt of Armageddon 2419AD, the original Buck Rogers book, annotated to point out all the cool stuff P.F. Nowlan predicted in amongst his racist ramblings about Mongols and Hans. So that’s cool.

Anyway, looking forward to spending some time with this over the next few days. Am just disappointed the promised secret decoder ring did not come with the magazine. (I did get an e-mail explaining there was a production issue and the ring’s delivery would be delayed. If I find “drink more ovaltine” anywhere in this magazine, I’m going on a rampage.)

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