67% Off Revolt On Vesta, Limited Time

Revolt on Vesta is going on sale! For a limited time, the Kindle edition will be priced at 99 cents (67% off). This deal will last from 5pm (Eastern Time) on February 23 until 10pm the 26th. The price will then remain at $1.99 (34% off regular price) until March 2.

It’s a great opportunity to dive into the worlds of The Voidstrider Saga with this first installment steeply discounted.

When a Martian politician is kidnapped en route to a summit of leaders from the Asteroid Belt, events are set in motion which will change the face of the Solar System…

“If you like the Expanse, you’ll enjoy Revolt on Vesta…An excellent beginning to what promises to be an intriguing series.”

“…thrusts you right into the action and doesn’t let up…”

“…compelling story … leaps directly into a complex chain of events…”


Head over to Amazon and pick it up! Volume 2, An Officer of the Fleetalso available now at $2.99!

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