Checking In

It’s been a minute since I’ve been here. At least you know I’m not one of those writers who hires someone else to keep their blog…

Anyway … work work work. Voidstrider 3 is coming along. About 20,000 words into it now. Planning to pick up a little speed over the summer months and, barring trouble, have the finished book out by late fall.

It’s … a task. I’ve been trying to wrap up all the existing story threads in this third volume. Although it is not the ultimate end of The Voidstrider Saga, it is the end of the first major chunk of the overall story.

I’m building something huge here, and I’m not sure how many books it will ultimately require (an absolute minimum of nine, I know that much). But the larger epic is divided into at least three smaller arcs, the first of which I wanted to end in volume 3.

So I’m having to make choices. I’ve finished the first big chunk of V3, and started on the second. There’s a lot of moving pieces and I need to get them all into certain positions for the big finish. Which … well, I’m working on it.

I’ll try to be around more often. It’s a shame to have a lovely site but never update. See you round.

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