Voidstrider Update

Writing a Book 3 is hard. And it feels a whole lot harder with everything going on in the world.

My Twitter feed has lately been full of real world shit, politics, fascism, et cetera. That sort of thing makes it difficult to focus on a made-up story about rockets and rayguns. (Even if the underlying themes of that story relate closely to ideas like the abuse of power in service of greater perceived security…)

I’ve also sadly come to the conclusion that the first act of The Voidstrider Saga is almost certainly going to require 4 books instead of 3, like I’d hoped. Which throws a lot of my three-act plotting out the window. Discouraging stuff.

I’m working away, though, never fear. (932 new words so far today, and I’m only taking a brief break before I tackle the next scene.) I’m excited about where the story’s at right now, and I’m looking forward to the big set piece that will finally bring the struggle between the Angel and the Djinn to a conlcusion.

(If you’re reading this and don’t know what I’m talking about, why not read the first couple books? That’s them over there on the right sidebar.)

Anyway … just wanted to check in, let everyone know I’m still working. And to say hold your head up. Back to work now.

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