New Cover Reveal

I teased some exciting news on Twitter a while ago, and now I’m finally getting around to revealing it. Revolt on Vestavolume one of The Voidstrider Sagahas a new cover with art by the exceedingly talented Jay Piscopo.


Here it is:

I should have done this a couple weeks ago, and the new cover is already live on Amazon, but … I’ve been busy.

I found Jay’s artwork through a group on Facebook in which we are both members. I contacted him, and he was willing to work with me on this. I’m a big fan of the comic-style art, which I think fits Voidstriders pulpy space opera roots. After looking at some of Jay’s pieces, I knew he’d be perfect for the job.

Jay was excited about the characters and enthusiastic about the piece, and I think it shows. Now I’m excited, and I’m looking forward to seeing what he can do for future books.

By the way, you could help me pay for that by dropping in on my Kofi page! You could also lend your support, of course, by buying Revolt on Vesta today!

Anyway, here’s some of Jay’s draft sketches and the finished artwork without the design elements.

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