Nothing in Particular

Voidstrider volume three is finished, essentially. I still have to do a final proof and edit run through, which I’ll get to in a week or two. In the meantime, I’ve been fleshing out the plot for Florida Man vs. the Elder Gods and hope to bang out a first draft over the next two or three months before getting on with the fourth Voidstrider book (which is about halfway plotted at this point).

There’s also some big stuff in the works that has no relation to my writing, and which I can’t talk about for at least another couple weeks, but it’s exciting.

I’m very busy, which is … well, it’s fucking weird because I’m also not working my day job and not going out and not traveling. So while I am legit very fucking busy, I’m also spending hours a day reading, binge-watching, and playing video games. I’m sitting on my ass a lot doing nothing, or more generously put I’m sitting here letting my mind wander and gather its harvest of thoughts, but either way it just seems so bizarre to reflect on how many things I’m actively working on at a time when I feel lazier than I ever have before.

A couple hours ago I spent some time hacking ten-foot polk salat plants with a machete, because I’m also undertaking a bit of a landscaping project involving a small area outside the back yard fence but still part of the property. It’s 91 degrees out (or about 33, for much of the world) and I’m hacking overgrown three meter weeds and I feel like a bum who does nothing. What a time to be alive, eh?

I’m tired. I’m so fucking tired. I’ve been trying to strictly cut off all outside stimuli after about 6 pm every day. I take the world in early in the day, over coffee. I’m on and off social media throughout the afternoon, a minute here or there, but I try to only consume news and commentary in the mornings. Along with checking my local health department’s daily update.

There’s a lot of absolutely horrific shit happening. Sometimes I feel like a background character in a David Lynch film.

It’s difficult most days to stave off depression. It has so many ways in these days.

Anyway, I have exciting projects to work on and to keep my mind occupied and I guess that’s something to be happy about. And my personal, individual circumstances are about as good as could be hoped in the weird, terrifying world of 2020.

At this point, I feel a pointless ramble coming on so I’ll be off. Take care of one another out there.

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