Voidstrider Update

Voidstrider volume three is done!

I’m enjoying the fuck out of this celebratory glass of scotch and watching the kitten sleep in her basket. I haven’t had as much difficulty with a book since my first real novel. But the struggle is ended.

Revision is always an invigorating, fun process for me. It took longer than usual with this book, and I ended up cutting nearly 7% of the penultimate draft. It comes in at 79,000 words.

Pending cover art and some final formatting and, she’s ready to be released into the wild. The book, not the kitten. (Her name is Beans.)

I’m eager to get into book four, but I promised myself I’d take a break to work on Florida Man vs the Elder Gods. I’d also like to get in a couple short stories before the end of the year, maybe three or four. We shall see.

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