Hey, Look at the Moon

A couple months ago I decided to get into a new hobby. The weather here hasn’t been terribly cooperative with my desire to sit outside of an evening for hours on end, but last night was … bearable.

I’ve added a few items to my overall kit, and last night I played around with some different filtering lenses. You can’t tell because I’ve desaturated the image, but in the original picture the moon is an extremely gross shade of yellow.

This is the best image I’ve managed to get so far, and I’m not thrilled by the resolution I was able to achieve. Keep in mind though, I’m holding a smart phone up to a tiny aperture on a chilly night. There was some shaking.

I do have a doohickey to attach the phone and hold it for me, but it mashes the power button because why would we design things for universal compatibility? What are you, some kinda socialist?

Anyway. There it is, the Moon. You’ve seen it in the sky, now see it on your screen.

Feel like helping me afford more fancy gizmos and doohickeys so I can take better pictures of faraway stuff? I do write books, you know. You can click that Shop link up above or click right here. There’s even a sale starting tomorrow on all titles at Smashwords!

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