Read an Ebook Week

The Smashwords Read an Ebook Week sale starts today! You can find all sorts of discounted prices at that link, thousands of ’em.

Seriously. Thousands. You can browse the sale with a number of filters, seeing only FREE books or $0.99 books or by discount percentage or by length … you know how search filters work.

So, yeah, why not go pick up some words and put ’em into your brain?

On a more direct note, all my titles available on Smashwords will be discounted 50% for the next seven days. Here, let me show you the links.

Revolt on Vesta

Launch into The Voidstrider Saga with volume 1, Revolt on Vesta, normally priced at $2.99 but half off for one week only. (You can find it at other retailers here, but not for half price!) It’s a fast-paced adventure yarn in the vein of classic pulp science fiction, but with a little less cardboard in the characters. Rockets and rayguns! Cybernetically augmented humans and genetically altered posthumans! Maybe even a dash of Alien Mind Control! What’s not to love?

An Officer of the Fleet

Continue the pulpy adventure in An Officer of the Fleet, normally $3.99 but half off for one week only. (Or at other retailers for full price.) Find out what happens next to space captain Aurora Dane, drunken reporter Francis Drake, and Martian space marine Shan Taishan. Discover the identity of the mysterious Djinn and learn the secrets of the sinister Angel and its plans for humanity.

The Angel and the Djinn

Catch up with the latest installment, The Angel and the Djinn, half off this week only. (Or pick it up from one of those lame, not-on-sale joints.) An alien menace bent on dominating mankind! A ghost in the machine! Body snatchery! Snarky robots! Plus, old foes working together, female friendship, and a reluctant hero facing the demons of his past!

Get the whole series (to date) for around five bucks! That’s a deal! And, while the series is not complete, these first three volumes form a (mostly) complete tale of alien invasion and mind control and humanity’s struggle against it. This is the first act of The Voidstrider Saga, an epic pulp adventure that will see humanity spread to the stars … or destroy themselves trying. Volume 4 is in the works!

Did I mention SALE? SALE. SALE!

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