Some Things I’m Reading Lately – 4-19-17

I read constantly. If I go 24 hours without sitting in my recliner with a paperback, my Kindle, or at least a magazine – real or tablet edition – I become cranky. It’s better to just leave me be and let me read, honestly.

From time to time, I like to share some of the things I’ve been reading lately… Here goes.

Beyond Human is the cover story in this month’s issue of National Geographic. It discusses the history of human evolution and it’s potential future, getting into all sorts of things like body-hacking, gene therapy, and embryonic gene-editing. D.T. Max, of the New Yorker, hooks you with the first line: “When I met the cyborg Neil Harbisson, in Barcelona, he looked like any local hipster, except for the black antenna…”

Vanishing Point: Rise of the Invisible Computer offers an interesting write-up on the impending obsolescence of “Moore’s Law,” and briefly explores a few possibilities for the further development of computers in a post-Moore’s-Law environment.

I’m also working my way through Terminal World by Alastair Reynolds – I’ll post something about that when I’m finished, but I had to take a break from it today to tear through something else:

Saga is terrific, and it seems to keep getting better. In Volume Seven, collecting the most recent six-issue arc, the comic really hits you in the feels. It also has a full-page splash of alien zombies moaning “TAAAAINTS” instead of brains…

I stopped reading and clutched my chest – yes, literally – more than once. If you’re not familiar with this wild space opera fantasy exploration of parenthood and family, you really should pick it up. If you’re already a fan but didn’t realize the Volume Seven trade was released already, it is! Go get it!

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