E-Book Countdown Sale – Jimmy Stick


The Adventures of Jimmy Stick

The Adventures of Jimmy Stick

Normal Price $4.99

8am March 17 – Midnight March 18 : $0.99  (81% OFF)

12:01am March 19 – 4pm March 20 : $1.99

4:01pm March 20 – 8am March 22 : $2.99

8:01am March 22 – Midnight March 24 : $3.99


Cheer as Jimmy Stick fights his way out of Hell! Gasp as the Robot pursues its logical seduction of Claire! Thrill to Jimmy’s battle with the zombie mummies of Egypt! Choose your side as the original Jimmy returns from the dead to challenge his cold steel counterpart for Claire’s hand!

“This book looks inside the mind of a zombie, meets Hunter S. Thompson in Hell, and raises some thoughtful questions about abortion (like, what if the baby is a cyborg?). It has patriotism, terrorism, scary Christians and paranoid survivalists (who turn out to be kind of right). It is comic relief for the anxieties of the modern day, and reminds us all why video games really are a helpful metaphor for life.”  – Amazon Reviewer Emily S.

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